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Message of the President of the Country to the People of Kazakhstan: "Towards Free, Effective and Secure Society",
24 October 2000

National Security of Kazakhstan

3. National security as the basis of state policy.

First, from the point of view of national security and the medium-term threats we meet the most important is building of not verbal but real system of regional security. For it we need the Treaty on Collective Security and the Shanghai Five. 

In 2000 clear and distinct decisions have been taken within the Treaty on Collective Security. This month a decision has been taken in Bishkek to create regional coalition military forces. This will create a foundation for a new regional security system. 

We have made a lot for this decision. This is a crucial choice and there is no situational policy. The state’s security is too serious affair and it should be ensured in advance. There are a lot of speculations around the Treaty on Collective Security. 

Kazakhstan sees purely practical interest in the treaty. We are planning to attack anybody or satisfy somebody’s geopolitical ambitions. We have a simple task - we must create conditions for secure development of our country in the nearest and medium-term period. 

On this stage such an instrument is the Treaty on Collective Security. 

It is not more and not less. Everything exceeding the limits of the task is form the Evil One. In addition to TCS we will develop the potential of the Shanghai Five and the possibilities of the Treaty between Central Asian countries on joint actions to counter terrorism, political and religious extremism. We need deputies’ support to ratify a number of new international agreements.