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Joint Statement by President George W. Bush and President Vladimir V. Putin on Counterterrorism Cooperation, US-Russia Summit, Moscow, 24 May 2002.  Released by Office of the Press Secretary, White House

US-Russian Counterterrorism Cooperation

Recognizing the importance of multilateral counterterrorism efforts, such as those under the auspices of the United Nations, the Group of Eight, the European Union, the OSCE, the "Six Plus Two" group, and NATO-Russia, we encourage the further development of regional counterterrorism initiatives, including within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its cooperation with the United States, that improve information-sharing, law enforcement cooperation, and border security. Of these institutions, we note that the UN Security Council Counterterrorism Committee plays a key coordinating role in the struggle against international terrorism. In support of regional cooperation, the United States is sponsoring a counterterrorism conference in June 2002 to include participation from the Central Asian and Caucasus states, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, and Russia.