Press Release
21 June 1999


EU-US Summit Reaffirms Commitment to Stability Pact
Details of Implementation Still Missing

In a press conference this morning following the EU-US Summit, President Bill Clinton, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, and European Commission President Jacques Santer presented a "Senior Level Group Report." The six page document, outlining the major achievements, future priorities and current achievements of the EU-US partnership, reaffirms transatlantic commitment to the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe. It states, "On Kosovo, we will work closely to support the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, particularly regarding interim civil administration, humanitarian affairs, institution building and reconstruction… we will also develop concrete measures to pursue the objectives of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe".

However, when asked to prevent details on burden sharing between the EU and the US, Clinton said that they didn't know how much it would cost and that in order to make such an estimate a thorough evaluation of the destruction in the region needed to be undertaken. Warning that it would "cost more than you think", Clinton said that after initial ballpark estimates had been obtained they would then allocate specific responsibilities accordingly.

Responding to a question on how long US troops would have to remain in Kosovo, Clinton said that he would set no timetable. Alluding to the one year time limit placed on US troop involvement in Bosnia, Clinton said that he would not make the same mistake again and in Kosovo the troops will stay until the objects are met.

While Clinton asked journalists to "give us time to come up with a plan", the trio highlighted the planned donors conference brining together both benefactors and beneficiaries in Sarajevo in July. This will be followed by another donors conference in the fall to focus on long-term development.

Despite the planning, a void still exists between short-term security and long-term stability. A UN Security Council Special Representative forKosovo, an essential ingredient for success, has yet to be identified.

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