The NATO-Russia Archive 

The NATO-Russia Archive brings together a selection of core documents from diverse sources, relevant to the relationship between NATO and Russia, which lies somewhere between partnership and confrontation. However, it should be kept in mind that NATO's information policy is highly restrictive. Much of the most substantial material produced by the Alliance is not available to the public. 
Fundamental questions are dealt with at the margins of the formal context provided for PfP, EAPC and Founding Act. Therefore, the NRA does not only gather official documents of the formal fora of co-operation. It also covers a range of issues that have an impact on the relationship between NATO and Russia. These issues are featured in the following section. 
For more related web sites, check our main links menu. You will be able to find further information on security relations between Russia and the West in the EU-Russia Archive. Readers are warmly encouraged to submit feed-back on both archives to Markus Nitschke and Clara Portela. We would like to thank our interns for their help.